4 Steps to Powerful Mornings

Emotional IntelligenceHow you start your day sets the tone for your entire day. You really cannot make up for getting off to a sluggish or rushed start.

I have listed 4 tips to make the most of your mornings so you can power up your success.

1. Manage your energy, not your time.

This is one of the most important shifts to make as you think about time. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is fixed and finite. What is under our control is the energy you have to make that time the most productive.

Start by tuning in to yourself. When do you have the most energy? Morning? That is when you do your most creative tasks.

2. Start your day with what is most important vs most urgent.

Do you look at your email first thing in the am? How does work for you? Are you off and running on what you want to accomplish or responding to other people’s urgent requests?

This is one of the hardest things to change.  In the next step you will prepare for your day and can set up the time that is best to answer emails.

2. Prepare for your day and start the night before.

Give yourself 15 minutes to think through your day and make a list of what you want to accomplish.  Use a timer so you only spend a short amount of time, often by thinking through your day the night before you can save precious time. Decide when you will look at email, social media and texts.   Make technology work for you rather than be a slave to the constant interruptions from it. When you focus, you will achieve so much more!

3.  Include morning rituals that set up your day.

Rather than hitting the deck running, start your morning with a few rituals that will ground and center you. Begin with a glass of water to awaken your body.  Prayer, mediation, heart focused breathing, 5 minutes of stretching are also great tools to wake yourself up.

This ritual will also help you overcome any loss in motivation as you begin your day and energize yourself; mind, body, heart and soul.

4. Tune into your body.  Support good health with your body mechanics and daily choices.

Have you noticed when you are the most productive? Is the room warm or cool? Most people work better and are more alert when the room is cool.

Practice deep breathing throughout the day. Often when sitting at the desk, people slump over making it harder to breathe deep and effectively. Deep breathing oxygenates your entire being and throws off the acid build up that leads to muscle aches and fatigue.

And finally in this step notice how your food choices support your energy or deplete it.   Make your food choices based on your goals.

The average person has around 25,000 mornings in their work life (average lifespan 80, begin counting at 18 years). Believe it or not making these simple changes can make the difference your ability to be productive. Most people have gotten into the habit of rushing because of a unchecked and chronic stress response. Stress change normal so that before long, rushing is normal.

Speeding up never helps you catch up.  I hope you will implement 1-2 of these tips and work toward getting control of the most important part of your day.


Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD, CEO, Chief Energy Officer, Vibrant Radiant Health works with individuals and organizations to support resilience and emotional intelligence. Contact her for a free consultation

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Thanks for your promising ideas. Hopefully I can take advantage of them. In any case, much appreciated.

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