We use the leading assessments: emotional intelligence (EQi 2.0), risk-type and others for Succession Planning, Leadership Competencies and personal development.
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The 3 step process, ACT, will transform your confidence, emotional flexibility, improve communication, increase your energy AND your financial opportunities.

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emotional intelligence assessment

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Losing energy due to conflict? In a confidence crisis? Want a promotion but not sure you have what it takes?

The EQ Leadership assessment is a powerful tool to build on the dimensions of emotional intelligence and develop true confidence in your leadership. Power up your ability to influence, persuade without losing your stamina.

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I could tell I was getting close to burnout. Working with Dr. Cynthia helped me to operate from my strengths and understand how to deal with conflict. I communicate more clearly and have more energy at work and for myself.”

Robin K., DNP, Director 

“This program is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who has the responsibility to lead or aspires to grow their leadership potential with the goal of furthering their career or business. The very day of walking through my EQ20i results with Dr. Cynthia, I had a huge breakthrough with a corporate client account on a problem that had confounded their senior management team for months. The rapport, respect and trust I gained with this client as a result is priceless and far exceeds the cost of the program. Learning how my emotional intelligence impacts my ability to function and grow as a leader has been one of the best investments I have ever made. The tools Dr. Cynthia provides will catapult you into a new level of performance that may have seemed impossible up to this point. Get ready for promotion, new opportunities and a level of self-awareness that will make you feel unstoppable!”

Sabine U. Brandt, DIP, LC Nobility Coaching



Why Dr. Cynthia & VRH is Different


Most leaders, executives (or aspiring leaders) do not learn the skills of influence, communication and engagement in their clinical or academic training.  These people skills (emotional intelligence) are what give leaders the edge to engage their people, master conflict, handle the challenges of a multi generational workforce and the flow of demands typical in healthcare. And this is our expertise.

  • We ACT: assess, coach and train keeping the process individualized and personalized.
  • Dr. Cynthia is a master coach with a laser focus to move you light years ahead.
  • Training integrates proven strategies and the latest in science of resilience, flow, energy and neurobiology.


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Emotional Intelligence

Resilience & Emotional Intelligence Training